Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors topped the industry in the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's 2019 Automotive Diversity Scorecard released this month.

The organization also lauded improvements by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co.

The scorecard judges automakers on their commitment to improving diversity in employment, advertising, marketing, procurement, dealers and philanthropy.

Companies are scored as either green, yellow or red. Green signals that a company is using best practices to build ethnic diversity and has shared its goals, initiatives and investments in this area. Yellow indicates diversity is evident, but not all dollar investments, key figures and other factors were disclosed.

Red means diversity initiatives were nonexistent or undisclosed or that there was not relevant information provided for scoring.

Ford and Toyota had green marks in five of the six categories. Both had yellow ratings for dealerships. Ford ranked third in the industry, with 168 minority-owned dealerships at the end of 2018, while Toyota was fifth, with 74, according to the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers.

GM, the only automaker with a green rating for dealerships, had 278 minority-owned stores, the most in the industry. Overall, GM got four green ratings.

"Toyota and Ford have done very well because both have African American agencies of record, moreover, their procurement spend has been very strong," John Graves, chairman of the Rainbow/PUSH Automotive Project, said in an email to Automotive News. "Lastly, the commitment in the C-suites has been exceptional."

FCA, Honda and Nissan "have shown the most improvement by increasing their advertising and procurement spend with African American companies," Graves said.

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As cars get bigger, so do the wheels that they ride on. This the latest will continue in the coming months and months, according to General Motors , and we're going to eventually reach a point where 20-inch alloys (which are twice as good as the steelies on an original Mini) will be considered comically and disagreeably tiny.

Speaking on the Brembo Red podcast, General Motors type boss Michael Simcoe pointed out 18-inch wheels are considered small by 2019 standards. Rewind to 2009, coupled with finding 18-inchers required walking right into luxury brand's showroom, or hole an aftermarket company's portfolio. Simcoe — who notably type the 2015 Chevrolet Bolt concept — believes this trend will certainly continue.

"We're headed towards 24- additionally 26-inch wheels, " he predicted . The Cadillac Passage (pictured) appears with a growing list of new cars available with 22-inch wheels; the second-generation Audi A7 is another. While posting four additional inches of standard sounds alarmingly donk-like, stylists will most likely hopefully tweak the proportions when using the wheel wells to accommodate such mammoth alloys, so the end result will look solution and more coherent than merely going down a 1980s Chevrolet Monte Carlo on 26s.

Big wheels in the open design put the brakes in the open, which creates a single challenge for designers; they need to make your braking look good. This means the vehicle can't be too small , because nine-inch rotors would look silly behind 26-inch wheels, and they can't be in addition basic. Many sports car types give buyers the option of paying for is sometimes brake calipers, and this practice may spread to other segments if 24- and 26-inch wheels begin appearing on options lists. Making it is not open wheels is a solution around this, because Simcoe explained the design will vary at car to car.

The trend towards grander wheels is one that electric car manufacturers will have a difficult high time keeping up with. Broadly speaking, battery-powered models visit your blog better driving range when they may rolling on smaller wheels. The main Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) carried out trials which showed people who order a Tesla Model 7 with the optional 20" alloys lose 23 miles of the range.

Chassis engineers will have additional problems to clear, too, as larger tires and rims are often wrapped by low-profile tyres, which compromise ride quality much rough terrain. But suspension systems have grown to be more advanced, and automakers have shown the necessary technology can even make big-wheeled cars relatively comfortable. After spending time in a Lincoln Aviator fitted with 22-inch wheels, Autoblog deduced it "soaked up the gnarled sidewalk around Napa Valley with no worry over smaller bumps, or have an impact on harshness over bigger ones. lunch break

Unquestionably the 2020 Land Rover Defender was first spotted this summer on the set of the next Mission impossible movie without its camouflage, and after this it has been confirmed that the four-door layout will be featured in one of the legendary research sequences in No Time to Die , the Link movie, set to be released in August 2020.

It’s unclear if the fall in love with the new Defender will appear in will be held at off road, but a video released by way of Land Rover shows the stunt crew from the movie putting the motor car through particularly rough tests along pavement. Either way, that's a setting the Defender has been built for. The 2020 model has fully independent postponement, interruption, notable approach and departure renfoncement, and a maximum clearance that beats headphones out the Jeep Burberry Rubicon .

The sale of the Defender was in the beginning ended in the U. S. from 1997, but early next year deliveries from 2020 Defender will begin of the 4 doors version, the 110. The 2 doors will become available in late 2020.


SHANGHAI — PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, in hatching plans to merge and create the world’s fourth-largest automaker, say they will not close factories.

They can probably keep such a promise in most markets, but not with China.

PSA and FCA each operate joint ventures with local peers in China, but all of the partnerships are in dire need of restructuring and downsizing.

While PSA and FCA haven’t disclosed how they plan to integrate their global operations, one of PSA’s two Chinese partners has decided to break ties with the French automaker.

On Oct. 28, three days before PSA and FAC disclosed the merger, Changan Automobile Co., based in the Southwest China municipality of Chongqing, placed its 50 percent stake in Changan PSA on the market via a local exchange that trades corporate assets and other equity.

Changan, which also runs an unprofitable joint venture with Ford Motor Co., can’t wait to free itself of the financial burden under the PSA partnership.

Changan PSA was established in 2011 in the south China city of Shenzhen to build and market Citroen DS cars. It has been bleeding losses ever since launching output in 2013.

As of September, the joint venture has racked up 4.9 billion yuan ($703 million) in losses over time, according to information disclosed by Changan.

PSA has largely failed to establish Citroen DS as a premium brand in China as it planned to do.

As a result, the joint venture, which can build up to 200,000 vehicles a year, has never sold a meaningful number of vehicles. Annual sales peaked in 2014 at around 23,000. In 2018, the number shrank to less than 4,000.

In the first three quarters of this year, Changan PSA only sold 2,030 vehicles, according to the China Passenger Car Alliance, a Shanghai-based consultancy.

After Changan disclosed plans to offload the stake in the joint venture, PSA’s China office said in a statement last week that the DS brand will “receive significant development” in China instead of exiting the market.

Given the extended downturn in China’s new-vehicle market, who might be interested in taking over the 50 percent stake in Changan PSA from Changan?

The most likely candidate would be Dongfeng Motor Group.

Dongfeng also operates a joint venture with PSA. In addition, it also holds a 12.2 percent stake in the French automaker.

Incorporating DS models in its product mix would allow the joint venture, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, to make a better use of factory capacity.

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, formed in 1992 in the central China city of Wuhan, produces and distributes Peugeot cars and Citroen’s lineup, except for the DS lineup.

Behind volumes generated by new models, especially crossovers such as the Peugeot 2008 and 3008, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen’s annual volume reached a record high of 704,000 vehicles in 2015.

But the joint venture’s sales have since shrunk as other global automakers such as General Motors and Nissan Motor Co. add crossover models.

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen operates four plants capable of annually churning out a combined 840,000 vehicles at full capacity, yet sales fell 33 percent to around 253,000 in 2018. In the first nine months of this year, deliveries plunged 56 percent to 91,049.

As the sales slump accelerated, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen lost more than 2.5 billion yuan in the first half alone, according to the latest available financial information Dongfeng has revealed on the joint venture.

Like PSA, FCA’s China operations face challenges.

FCA in 2010 established a joint venture with GAC Motor Co. in the central China city of Changsha, which initially built cars for the Fiat brand. The partnership enjoyed robust growth from 2016 to 2017 on volumes generated by three locally produced Jeep models — the Cherokee, Renegade and Compass.

But the sales boom was short-lived for GAC FCA: Their plants in Changsha and the south China city of Guangzhou combined can produce up to 328,000 vehicles annually.

With the market slipping and other global brands such as Volkswagen launching more SUVs in China, sales at the joint venture quickly ran out of steam.

In April 2018, GAC FCA launched the fourth locally assembled Jeep model, the Grand Commander. Yet annual deliveries of the big SUV slumped 39 percent in 2018 to less than 125,200, according to GAC.

Neither FCA nor GAC discloses financial results for the joint venture. But such a small volume made it impossible for the joint venture to be profitable.

GAC FCA is FCA’s main business in Asia Pacific. Largely because of sales decline at the joint venture, FCA’s operations in the region finished 2018 with an operating loss of 296 million euros, versus an operating profit of 172 million euros in 2017.

The joint venture’s sales have dropped another 46 percent to 52,372 in the first three quarters of 2019.

Both PSA and FCA are operating at a small portion of their local production capacity as overall vehicle demand in China remains subdued amid a weakening economy.

The two automakers, looking to revive the operations, probably have no way out but to shut down some of the underutilized plants they run with local partners.

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Ford Motor Co., which has been using Bryan Cranston as its celebrity spokesman, is adding another star to its marketing mix. Actor Idris Elba will serve as "creative partner" to help launch a Mustang-inspired electric crossover Nov. 17 and appear in a global marketing campaign for the vehicle.

Ford is leveraging the fact that Elba in the 1980s worked at a Ford factory in England before his acting career took off. "My dad also worked at Ford. It's practically in my blood. So working on this project and getting behind the wheel of a car that takes us all towards the future feels like things are coming full circle, but with more exhilaration and tech," he said in a statement supplied by Ford.

Ford's comments about the partnership suggest that the ads will pull from Elba's history with Ford. Andy Georgescu, a Ford product marketing manager, called him an "authentic partner" when "you match his celebrity with his personal biography." He noted Elba's interest in street racing as well as "passion for reducing emissions around the world" — two traits that make him a match for promoting a vehicle that seeks to blend performance with environmentalism.

The actor is known for playing Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom as well as starring in the critically acclaimed TV series "The Wire." This year he starred in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and he is set to appear in the forthcoming Cats movie based on the Broadway musical.

In media interviews, Elba has frequently talked about his experiences working the night shift at a Ford plant in Dagenham, England. In a speech in 2016 in which he criticized the entertainment industry for its lack of diversity, he said, "Ford Dagenham turned out to have more opportunity and more diversity than the TV industry I was trying to break into," according to an account in a London-area news publication.

In 2013, the Irish Examiner reported how logging time in the blue-collar job motivated Elba to pursue a more glamorous acting career. "I was doing a night shift at the Ford factory in Dagenham with my dad and I knew that if I stayed there, I'd be a lifer. I took the moment to say, 'Stop. Go for it,' " the newspaper reported him saying.

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TORONTO — Pierre Boutin, the head of Volkswagen France, will lead the automaker’s Canadian operations beginning Jan. 1, VW Group Canada said Monday.

Boutin, a Canadian citizen who was previously the head of VW in Russia, follows Daniel Weissland as CEO of VW Canada. Weissland was named president of Audi of America on Sept. 1, less than two years after he took the VW Canada job.

Boutin will join VW Canada as the automaker navigates a declining new-vehicle market and a market-wide shift in consumer demand away from the sedans that once dominated its vehicle lineup. Volkswagen Group’s new-vehicle sales in Canada were down 5.4 per cent this year through October, compared with a 3.8 per cent decline in the overall new-vehicle market.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to be coming back home to lead the transformation of our company with such a talented and dedicated team,” Boutin said in a statement. “The Canadian automotive landscape is rapidly changing, and the Volkswagen Group is looking to play a bigger part.“

Boutin has led VW’s French operations since November 2017. In a news release, VW Canada said Boutin is “leading the organization to its best performance” in seven years in France, and credited him with navigating VW through “its most severe crisis securing brand viability and future investments” during a three-year stint in Russia.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Boutin worked for Nissan for about 10 years before joining VW. Prior to accepting roles with the automaker in Europe, he led Nissan Canada’s aftersales operations from 2006-08 and was a regional director for the company in Montreal from 2003-06.

He started in the automotive industry in 1989 with Ford Motor Co., where he held “sales and marketing management positions” in Canada and Germany until 2003, according to the LinkedIn profile.

Boutin holds a bachelor’s degree with a marketing specialization from Université Laval in Quebec City, according to VW Canada.

VW Canada declined a request for an interview with Boutin.

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UPDATE 11/12/19: Nissan announced that the redesigned 2020 Sentra compact sedan will make the device's debut November 19. It will check out an event just before the Los Angeles in your head show, and the company will part U. S. -market specifications for ones eighth-generation version of this small efter det.

It seems like any Nissan Sentra is about to come out of the blues. The China-market Nissan Sylphy communicate looking at is a close indication having to do with what our next-gen Sentra efter det will look like, and it's a huge improvement concerning styling if you ask us.

Nissan Sylphy (China-market)


Visually lower, wider, with longer than contemporary Sentra sedan , this new item looks considerably less gawky on top of that incorporates some interesting visual components from Nissan's other sedans similar to the Altima and Maxima. We're not quite sold on the "floating" C-pillar influence that's now a mainstay on-line Nissan designs, but the front since rear fascias look clean, the actual surfacing treatments on the doors you want to keep car from looking too slab-sided.

Contingent on these photos, we're impressed by one particular looks of the interior, too. May compelling-looking dashboard layout with a tablet-style center screen and three rounded air vents. Upscale touches related to diamond quilting for the seats and also large screen in the gauge cluster are nice additions, too.

Nissan Sylphy (China-market)


The most likely choice for your personal Sentra's base powertrain is the without drugs aspirated 2 . 0-liter inline-four provided by the Rogue Sport , paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). It produces 141 horsepower, a slight but useful refinement over the current Sentra's 130 horsepower (hp) from a buzzy, unrefined 1 . 8lt four. We can also hope which will Nissan will keep the more powerful turbo charged 1 . 6-liter inline-four as part of the selections. It makes 188 hp in the current Sentra SR Turbo and Sentra NISMO models and can be enjoyed with a six-speed manual transmission.

We won't learn more official details about the U. Verts. -bound Nissan Sentra for a while, but Nissan does say that we'll hear read more about it by the end of this year, letting you know that it will make its debut to get a 2020 model and go on selling price sometime either at the end of 2019 in addition in early 2020.

This story turned out originally published in April 2019.


France may have helped scupper a deal between Renault SA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but its approach to the marriage of Fiat with Peugeot shows it’s open for business.

“There are excellent arguments” for combining the maker of Peugeot cars PSA Group with its Italian counterpart, French prime minister Edouard Philippe said in an interview. The French company’s proposal leaves you believing “it has an opportunity to grab,” he added.

Early backing of the deal from France, which owns a 12 percent stake in PSA, helps clear the way for the complex negotiations needed to create the world’s fourth-largest automaker by volume. The Franco-Italian companies plan to sign a memorandum of understanding by the end of the year, with a view to generating 3.7 billion euros ($4.1 billion) in annual savings without factory closures.

The government’s support is especially significant, considering that it hampered Renault’s attempt to get together with Fiat in June. France demanded Renault secure the backing of its Japanese partner Nissan Motor Co. before proceeding with Fiat. As a result, John Elkann, chairman of the Italian-American automaker, abruptly walked away, blaming “political conditions in France.”

The move scarred the government, which has pledged to be less hands-on in business. France owns a 15 percent stake in Renault.

Industrial footprint

While the prime minister said France will be “sensitive” to protecting France’s industrial heartland, he fell short of seeking typical job guarantees.

“What matters to me is the industrial footprint in France, and the company’s project,” Philippe said. The government previously warned it would scrutinize the job impact of the deal, without advocating for a formal commitment. “Given the synergies mentioned by management, I have high hopes that the deal should happen in excellent conditions.”

Auto manufacturers are grappling with an economic slump and a wall of investment to make low-emission cars. As they churn out more electric vehicles, whose batteries are often made in Asia and with fewer workers, the number of jobs needed in the sector could decline. Jobs have already migrated from western Europe to lower-cost countries.

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The rumor that Fiat Chrysler is developing a very inline six-cylinder come forth on Allpar more than a year ago. In a follow-up report in December last year, Allpar tapped this sources to add more information, like the codename "Tornado" and the plan for the turbo charged motor to replace the 5. 7-liter Hemi V8. Even so, it only achieved sense to speak of the engine currently being rumor at the time. Now we have our initial bit of circumstantial evidence, Mopar Insiders having found a patent issued to FCA that uses drawings of any inline-six to describe a system for checking elements in exhaust gases custom-made turbocharged inline-six. FCA applied for some of the patent on November 1, 2017, the Oughout. S. Patent and Trademark Workspace granted it April 2, 2019.

As with everything else in a particular application, the drawing cannot be an accident. Typically the U. S. PTO granted variety of other engine-related patents to FCA on March 19 and August 2 this year, and FCA obtained drawings of a V6 in both of the ones applications.

The December Allpar report presumed a specific version of the Tornado engine can have a single, twin-scroll turbo and slit into service with Chrysler , Dodge , Offroad , and Ram. Another type with twin turbos, and perhaps changed heads, could do time through Alfa Romeo , Maserati , and perhaps SRT. Mopar Insiders doesn't break down turbo depend, but cites its sources available as revealing an output range of fish huner 360 horsepower up to 525 power. FCA's E-Booster technology , originally mentioned which will help a revived Alfa Romeo 8C get 700 hp, is designed to enable larger turbos on anxiety about versions of the Tornado I-6. E-Booster electrifies some aspect of the turbocharger — FCA hasn't got into the important points yet — to eliminate lag even while providing 25 percent more power. Mopar Insiders' source figures would give the engine so long legs to replace the 3. 2-liter and as well , 3. 6-liter Pentastar V6s, beyond just the 5. 7-liter Hemi V8. The place said the Tornado will also replace the canceled 7. 0-liter Banshee OF V8.

3 of the. 0-liter Tornado Global Medium Car Turbocharged 6 (GME T-6), based on the Hurricane 2 . 0l GME four-cylinder (GME I-4), is usually expected to go into FCA products around the world. We'll wait to see how the PSA merger might affect allocation. Displacement will come in a hair below aspects liters so as to avoid tax thresholds in certain countries, and it was cited engineers were trying to keep the inline-six no more than three inches longer as opposed to 2 . 4-liter Tigershark four-cylinder. The initial application could be in the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee , or in the Jeep Wagoneer, can also be could be late availability on both mainly because straight-six isn't predicted to arrive for a short time.