Angelo Paletta from Burlington, Ontario loves cars. Specifically, he loves to collect and drive unique, high performance machines from Ford Performance and Carroll Shelby. Come take a walk around this Ford Fanatic’s working garage – or as he likes to call it, the “Car Cathedral” – for a rare look at his collection of Ford GTs, special edition Mustangs, vintage Shelbys, and every piece of Ford memorabilia he can get his hands on!

Director: Rob Spence
Assistant director: Angelo Paletta
Producing agency: Group SJR
Assistant producer: Angelo Paletta
Director of Photography: Mark Caswell
Assistant photographer: Angelo Paletta
Production assistant: Brian McClelland
Actor: Angelo Paletta


Ford owner, founder of French’s Fine Home Bert French, had a passion for Ford trucks. Learn about his lifelong dedication for restoring 1920's originals and owning 104 vehicles.
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